The SulfaTreat product range is primarily divided into the following areas:

  • technical project design of H2S removal using both high and low pressure vessel applications depending upon the project technical requirements – project design is generated using the SulfaTreat in-house software system;
  • iron oxide based, odorless granular media used with fully or partially saturated gas streams, where the granular composition of the material prevents foaming and carry-over;
  • the SulfaTreat SELECT range, which are fast reacting granular absorbents, metal oxide based of increased macroporosity for improved performance – introducing new plateau of flexibility into systems operations;
  • one iron oxide based product and two mixed metal oxide based products specifically designed to remove hydrogen sulphide and light mercaptans from liquids such as gasoline, kerosene, NGL, LNG, LPG, solvents as well as non-potable industrial water.

The entire SulfaTreat product range has been engineered with our clients technical requirements and expectations in mind. The products are subject to rigorous in-house quality tests prior to dispatch, as well as, having been well tried and tested in the field of operations. This will ensure their optimal performance, as well as, effectively assist in planning of future change-outs of the material in accordance with individual business requirements.